Success Story: Organic Farming-A Step to Climate Smart Agriculture and cost effectiveness

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Ghulam Mohammad Mallah is the vice president of CBO village Kanderoo Mallah of district Badin. He is caring his wife and two children ages 15 and 10 years. Ghulam Muhammad owns 1.5 Acres of agriculture land but only 0.4 Acre is cultivable. He is unqualified but understands basic numbers and few words. During the initial period of the project implementation; he was elected as vice president of his village CBO.

He is not direct beneficiary of the cash grant support but actively participated in project’s trainings like first aid; agriculture best practices; CBDRM etc.  His wife also gets training of kitchen garden and son received training of livestock management.

He cultivated his 0.4 acre agriculture land without using tractor, fertilizer and pesticide. As his area is facing shortage of irrigation water now days so he used irrigation water in first irrigation while using LBOD waste water for rest of the irrigation times by lifting it with water pump.

“I was worried to cultivate cotton crop in the agriculture land because I did not have amount for fertilizer and other expenses. I had consultation with Mr. Sher Mohammad-who is the community trainer of agriculture, he suggested me to use Compost only to crop. I plow the land with spade instead of tractor and used compost instead of Urea, DAP and pesticide. I spent only PKR 1350 (1000 for irrigation and 350 for seed) as input expenses of my crop. Now I am very happy that my crop is growing well and I sold out production of PKR 4500. I am expecting to get the same production three times till end of the crop harvesting” furthermore; I also cultivated Ridge Gourd (vegetable) by sides of that crop for personal use.

“I am very happy even not received cash grant but learnt a lot from the trainings facilitated by Pakistan Red Crescent Supported by German Red Cross. I will use these new techniques of crop cultivation whole life. Thanks to Hilal-e-Ahmer (Red Crescent)”

Photo by G R Farooqui-PM GRC Sindh dated 10th June, 2017, during visit with Mr Javed Ahmed DPO Badin Red Crescent Branch

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