Pakistan Red Crescent Organized 3-Day Training Camp in Karachi

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The closing ceremony of a three-day training by Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC), Sindh Provincial Branch, titled ‘Emergency Simulation Exercises for Children and Volunteers’ was held on Sunday. The event included more than 225 students from 25 schools and more than 305 Red Crescent Volunteers and Staff.

The event aims to prepare students for emergency situations by providing them first aid, disaster preparedness and rescue trainings. Its objective is to boost the community volunteerism on successful infusion of spirit of selfless service to needy people without discrimination of class, color or creed through youth and volunteers affiliated to PRC programs.

The closing ceremony featured student demonstration followed by a press conference. It was attended by Vice President Sardar Muhammad Yaseen Malik, Chairperson PRC Sindh Shahnaz Hamid, Vice Chairman PRC Rafique Ahmed Jafri, and Provincial Secretary PRCSindh Kanwar Waseem.


Sardar Muhammad Yaseen Malik appreciated the efforts of PRC Sindh in social sector. He said there has been improvement in the commandment team with every passing year and PRC society and volunteers have always been upfront.


Addressing the attendees, Chairperson Shahnaz Hamid emphasized the training is vital in dealing with life and death situations and an awareness in this regard is essential. She said that one should be prepared to deal with emergency situations and take necessary action. She further congratulated all the volunteers and appreciated the camp commanders and management for successfully conducting the exercises. She also thanked the students and their parents for being a part of the simulation exercises.

On the occasion, the Vice Chairman PRC Sindh Rafique Ahmed Jafri thanked all the schools, students and participants. He also thanked the Scout Association, fire protection association of Pakistan, civil defense, media, ground management and the police department for their participation.

PRC Sindh Provincial Secretary Kanwar Waseem briefed the audience about the role of PRC Sindh and thanked the parents for infusing a sense of volunteerism among their children. He said that PRC has always played a significant part in preparing volunteers for emergency situations and would continue to do their work.

PRC Sindh is focusing its attention on community based volunteerism by providing adequate training so that Pakistan is better able to cope with natural or man-made disasters. The training session helps to mobilize a large number of youth volunteers to infuse the spirit of volunteerism.


PRC-Sindh Youth & Volunteer Officer Atif Hussain said that the volunteers were trained by experts to meet the challenges in any emergency situation. The volunteers received training about First Aid, Emergency Response, fire fighting, camp management, youth awareness and information about Red Crescent movement and its fundamental principles.

PRC Sindh School Safety Program helped schools across the country to provide trainings to students with teachers to have a safe school environment.

At the end, the volunteers company commanders and camp management officers were awarded certificates and shields for their efforts in the 3-day event. The closing ceremony was attended by parents of the students and a large number of people from all walks of life.

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