Disaster Management

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  • Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
  • Disaster Response, Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Tracing of Missing Persons & Restoration of Family Links.
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Research & Development in DM
  • BDRT & DDRTs
  • Urban Disaster Response Teams (UDRTs)
  • Training in Disaster Management



The Pakistan being one of the most disaster prone countries in the world is highly venerable especially in Asia.  As per Act of Parliament and the Constitution of the Society, the basic mandate of this organization is Disaster Response and Relief.

The field of disaster management in Pakistan is going through a phase of transformation. Increasing frequency of disasters in the country and especially the changed security environment in the region has exacerbated the level of man-made disasters and has raised new  challenges to the  Humanitarian Organizations in general.


The Pakistan Red Crescent Society  has been working on Risk reduction measures throughout the country. The Sindh Branch is running following projects in Sindh.

a. Livelihood

Livelihood project was started after the mega flood of 2010 with the aim to improve the local means of livelihood for extremely poor families who have no other means of income and whose livelihood means were destroyed due to disaster. The Red Crescent  with the support of German Red Cross has signed an MOU with the Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam to provide their technical support for teaching latest methods of forming and kitchen  gardening to the poor formers for raising their income. This program has become very successful  and demanding by the poor people of Thatta & Badin

b. Installation of Solar Water Pumps in Thar

After having proper research work and assessment, it was found that due to poor quality of drinking water, the deseases are spreading in Thar. Specially, the women folks are getting weaker and weaker due to fetching of water from the deep wells.

The PRCS with the support of Canadian Red Cross is in a process of installing 10 solar water pumps in the most vulnerbale villages of Tharparkar. Additionally three pumps  were already installed and working satisfactorily

c. ICBRR (Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction)

With the help of International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies, and Norwegian Red Cross Society, the PRCS is running four pilot projects in Districts Tharparkar, Sanghar, Jacobabad and Jamshoro in which real integration approach is being followed in all the subjects of resilience like basic health, identification of hazards and risks, training, early warning system and evacuation drills etc.

d. Climate Change Adaptation

Pakistan Red Crescent Society with the close coordination of International Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies is working in General Awareness of Climate Change Adaptation. The CCA is a part of Disaster Risk Reduction therefore we are practicing this subject is all Disaster Risk Reduction activities in Thatta, Badin, Sanghar, Jamshoro, Tharparkar and Jacobabad.

We are also conducting basic awareness sessions in Schools on CCA, tree plantation, and other basic environmental subjects. The Red Crescent also signed MOU with Agriculture University Tando Jam for providing technical support for the poor farmers Thatta and Badin with the consideration of smart climate change for farming and kitchen gardening.



Realizing the importance of man-made disasters especially act of terrorism has compelled us to develop a special cooping mechanism i.e. “Urban Disaster Response System”. For this, we are in a process to establish an state of ART Emergency Operation Center (EOC) at our Provincial Headquarters building Clifton Karachi. A newly constructed floor will be completed in coming April and the inauguration of the same will be held in May some time. This EOC will have a components of Climate Change, research and development, advance training in DM and a separate coordination system. This will also be connected with almost all emergency related department like PDMA, MET Department, City Government, Traffic Police, CPLC, Institute of Oceanology etc for better coordination and prompt response. This Emergency Operation Centre  will be based on ERTs of PRCS which are already established in Karachi and many disaster prone districts of Sindh.



As a part of Urban Disaster Response System, the Red Crescent has developed Urban Disaster Response Teams in Karachi comprising of local trained volunteers in all districts of Karachi.

These teams all trained in First Aid, Casualty Handing, Basic Rescue, Basic Fire Fighting and Emergency Evacuation.

These teams have been rendering remarkable services in the last 5 years in Karachi and in Sindh as well.



As per DM  Policy, minimum relief stock of 200 families has to be placed 24/7 at all vulnerable districts.  Therefore we have the relief stocks of 200 families in Following districts:-

  1. Hyderabad
  2. Thatta
  3. Badin
  4. Dadu
  5. Mirpurkhas
  6. Larkana
  7. Tharparkar
  8. Sanghar
  9. Sukkur
  10. Khairpur
  11. Jacobabad
  12. Shikarpur

The Provincial Headquarters Karachi is keeping three large size warehouses where we have a stock of the following items:-

  1. Backup relief items of 1000 families
  2. Four water purification plants
  3. Necessary items for Mobile Clinics
  4. Deployment Kits for emergency response teams


The Pakistan Red Crescent Society , perhaps is the only orgtinzation which conducts regular courses on disaster management in various subjects. We regularly hold national and provincial workshops on different subjects of disaster management like contingency planning, pre and post disaster assessment, logistics and warehousing, relief and rehabilitation, reporting and communication, emergency health response, Psychological support, mass casualty and dead body management etc.

Every year PRC prepare a consolidated document on contingency planning after having series of meetings with all provincial branches and international partners.

RESPONSE MECHANISM (global to local)

The International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies has a following response mechanism at international, regional and local levels.

  1. FACT (Geneva based team comprising of international experts from       all over the world)
  2. RDRT (Region Based team, comprising of technical experts from the      same regional  countries).
  3. NDRT (Country based team comprising of national experts in the           country.
  4. BDRT (Provincial based team comprising of pool of experts available      in the             Province)
  5. DDRT (District based team comprising of pool of experts available in the District)

Seven Fundamental Principles