Health & Care

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  • First Aid (training & services)
  • Ambulance Services.
  • Basic Health Care. (B.H.C)
  • Emergency Medical Response.


  • General Hospitals
  • Cardiac Hospital
  • Maternity Homes
  • Immunization Centers
  • Psychological Support Program
  • Water & Sanitation (WATSAN)
  • Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Community Based Health & First Aid (CBHFA)
  • Mass Casualty and Dead Body Management


List of Medical Units

  • General Hospitals in Hyderabad ——- 120 bedded
  • General Hospital in Sukkur ————— 60 bedded
  • Medical Complex in Khairpur ———— 20 bedded
  • ICU , CCU and Dialysis Center in Khairpur Civil Hospital
  • Cardiac Hospital Hyderabad ————– 60 bedded
  • Day Care Medical Centre in Larkana
  • Maternity Homes in Karachi ————— 01
  • Maternity Homes in Hyderabad ———– 01
  • Maternity Homes in Khairpur ————– 01
  • General OPDs Dept. —————————- 41
  • Labs. —————————————–06
  • Medical Warehouse——————————-01

Community Based Health & First Aid (BHFA)

CBHFA is the component of health awareness that focuses the improved health status of vulnerable communities of Districts by provision of preventive health services. The health component consists of PRC CBHFA program focuses on EC, HP/CHM and Nutrition; Physiological Support Program is an integrated part of the CBHFA. The CBHFA out-reached activities carry out CBHFA awareness & Basic preventive services in vulnerable communities.

With formation of CBOs/Village Health Committees, the recruitment and registration of community CBHFA Female Coaches & volunteers is done and after their capacity building on CBHFA  through CBHFA ToT, the CBHFA in action is programmed to run the parallel program

Ambulance Services

The Sindh Provincial Branch has a fleet of 35 ambulances in all over Sindh. These includes 4×4 ambulance Pajeros for non-metal road and desert areas of Sindh. These were especially purchased from Japan with the conversion of Ambulance facility in the vehicle. In order to meet the disaster situation promptly, we have placed these vehicles on strategic locations like Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Khairpur beside Karachi.

Training Institute

The Sindh Provincial Branch is the pioneer Branch in training. The training center started in 1985 and converted into full fledged training institute of the Society. today it has more than 16 staff members who are well qualified trainers in First Aid and emergency response subjects.

So far we have been able to train more than 100,000 people in overall Sindh. This training Institute is also extending its facility to outdoor courses to Government offices, police departments, traffic police, highway police, multinational companies , factories and commercial undertakings etc. This institute is also providing complementary classes to the Schools, Colleges and NGOs performing its role of nation building through skill development.

Beside First Aid trainings, the institute offers training courses on specialized subjects such as Disaster Management, assessment and evaluation, vulnerability and capacity assessment, health in emergencies, Psychological Support Program, Leadership development of Youth, Casualty handling, Media and Communication and CBHFA.

Water & Sanitation

The Provincial Headquarters Sindh Branch has 4 Water Purification Plants in which the capacity of converting normal water in to a purified drinking water is 40 to 50 thousand liters per day. These are mobile plants and can be deputed anywhere in Sindh with 48 hours advance notice.

We have also constructed more than 100 toilets in different villages of Sindh with the Basic Awareness of Sanitation Classes to the poor people of villages.

Mobile Medical Clinics

The Red Crescent Society has a facility of Mobile Medical Camps and Clinics. Regular Series of Free Medical Camps are being done in different villages time to time. These include Basic Lap Test, OPD and Referral System as well.



Seven Fundamental Principles