Youth & Volunteers

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Youth & Volunteers 

  • Youth development program
  • Recruitment Drives
  • School Safety Program
  • YABC for healthy and safe living
  • Emergency Response Team (ERTs)
  • Red Crescent Clubs in Schools
  • Skilled training Program.


School Safety Program

The terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar in Dec. 2014, and  subsequent number of bomb blasts on education institutions have shaken the entire country and raised serious concerns about safety & security of the children in schools.

Realizing the importance of the situation, the PRC Sindh designed an especial project named as “School Safety Program” under the DRR Component of our DM Program.

This    Program is aimed to improve the skills of the Children and staff for identifying threats / risk and its response in terms of natural & man-made disasters.

We presented this case to the Govt. Authorities and series of meetings were held on this agenda with Commissioner Karachi and the education department of Sindh.

The then Commissioner of Karachi issued few Notifications to all schools and Deputy Commissioners of Karachi to obtain this skills from the Red Crescent.

On March 25th 2016 the formal inauguration ceremony was held in the Governor house where almost 70% concerned government officials attended the program. Minister of    Education, Secretary Education, DG Rangers, Commissioner Karachi,        Deputy Commissioners of the Districts, Director / DIG Counter Terrorism department, office bearers of Private school associations, Principals of Many schools, academia of universities and Colleges, member schools, Media and NGOs.


Training of Volunteers

The Sindh Branch runs Volunteer enrolment drive every year and provides necessary trainings facilities to the newly inducted Volunteers. After completion of all formalities, the Red Crescent organizes induction course of five days for the Volunteers.

The Red Crescent also offers advance courses for the senior Volunteers for Disaster Management, relief, rehabilitation, emergency response, leadership trainings, reporting and Volunteer’s Management. The promotion of the Volunteers are based on their level of trainings and experience.


Annual Youth Training Camp

In order to provide practical knowledge and skills to the staff and Volunteers of the Red Crescent, the Management of the Red Crescent Society organizes Field Training Camp every year for 200 to 250 Volunteers. This camp provides 90% simulation exercise on various subjects of emergency response, leadership development, crises Management, safety and security, reporting, and team building works.

It is compulsory for all the ERT and UDRT Volunteers to attend this camp. After attending this camp, the Volunteer and staff become capable enough to be deployed anywhere in Sindh for responding emergencies


Youth Clubs in Schools

In order to enhance skills of Junior Youth of Pakistan, Red Crescent Society is working in Schools for Youth Development activities and established more than 100 Youth Clubs in different Schools Karachi.

These Clubs are aimed to carry forward the Humanitarian activities including skills development which are being providing by the Red Crescent Staff in First Aid, Traffic Safety, School Safety, Basic Fire Prevention Tips, Climate Change Adaptation and Health Care Subjects like HIV / Aids, Communicable Diseases, Hepatitis C etc.

Participation of the Volunteer at national and international level

Red Crescent Management also provides an opportunity to perform their talents at National and International Levels. We do send them to the International competition and training camps in various countries of the World where harness their talent at a bigger level and ultimately use this talent for the development of Youth Department in the Pakistan Red Crescent Society.



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