Pakistan Red Crescent carried out relief operation in the rain-stricken areas of Karachi

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The Sindh Branch of Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) carried out rescue and relief operations from Thursday to Sunday during the recent monsoon rains, which gravely affected Karachi and plunged the metropolitan city into chaos.

According to a report released by Disaster Management Department of PRCS-Sindh which stated that initially the Provincial Headquarters issued Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for preparedness for expected rains and urban flooding to district branches and concerned staff including Emergency Response Force (ERF) in Karachi. An Emergency response mechanism was activated at all levels and established an Emergency Control Room from Thursday, 6th to 9th August 2020 till the rain emergency got over. All five district ERF teams were equipped with 4X4 vehicles and emergency response materials including, First Aid kits, Stretchers, Emergency lights, raincoats, ropes, life jackets, and other emergency-related gadgets. Around 40 ERF Volunteers and 20 FAR team members have performed their duties round the clock and they have rescued/helped people in large numbers all over the city.

PRCS Sindh Provincial Secretary Kanwar Waseem said the volunteers rescued 254 people, including children and the elderly, provided first aid to 82 injured, and helped 159 vehicles stranded during the rains in all districts of Karachi. He added that the ERF team also restored the family connection of a child who went missing in Baldia Town during the rains. “In addition, our volunteers also saved an elderly woman from drowning in District West,” he added.

Mrs. Shahnaz S. Hamid, Chairman, Pakistan Red Crescent Society Sindh, appreciated all volunteers and staff for rescuing and helping the people round the clock during heavy rains in Karachi. “Every volunteer and staff of Pakistan Red Crescent is available in any kind of emergency to help the vulnerable and deserving people of our society”, she added.























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