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District Kamber Shahdadkot is socio-economically a deprived and underserved area of Sindh province where necessities of life are scare, basic need of life are out of reach besides other serious problems such as health, education, hunger, poverty, availability of safe and clean drinking water are major issues in area.

During recent heavy rain fall livelihood and houses were drown in rain fall, people has gone homeless. The infrastructure has been ruined during sudden heavy rain.

By keeping in view the above crisis situation in union councils, district branch has taken first step to mitigate the health problems of community because of unavailability of safe and clean drinking water causing many hazards to the health of people like hepatitis, cholera, stomach problem, typhoid and other deleterious diseases.

District Kambar Branch has sensed the problem and coordinated with the representatives of community and install hand pumps. This facility benefiting more than 5000 people at a time.

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