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PRCS, Sindh Provincial Branch

The original Sindh branch came into being in 1936-37 on the separation of Sindh region from the Bombay presidency. Later on the formation of the one unit of West Pakistan, Sindh branch was also merged with the West Pakistan “Red Cross’ Society (HQ Lahore).The Sindh Provincial branch was re-established in 1972 after the dismemberment of West Pakistan. In accordance with the mandate given in the PRCS act of 1974, new Sindh Provincial branch framed as its own constitution which is in force since 1977.

The Sindh provincial branch of society has autonomous district branches functioning in the province. It is headed by the Governor Sindh, as its president. It has well constituted managing committee headed by the chairman and nominated/elected members. This branch has a long and distinguished record in humanitarian work in the entire province especially in times of disaster & perilous situation. So far 18 district branches have been established in Sindh we are geared for rendering essential services in times of grave calamities and carries out its work through a team of dedicated staff and volunteers.

As the leading humanitarian organization, the Society works to get better the suffering of the most vulnerable people in distress without discrimination of nationality, race, religious belief, class, or political opinion. The main activities of the Society are relief work during and after conflict, disaster relief and auxiliary health and welfare services, which include a wide range of activities for the less privileged and marginalized people in both urban and rural areas. The Society responds and rapidly gains on-site access to the most susceptible when an unexpected national disaster occurs.

Seven Fundamental Principles