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Disaster Management policy

The PRCS disaster management policy has been divided into two components:

Disaster Risk Management:

This component relates to the activities and actions taken during the pre-disaster phase. Such actions include, disaster risk assessment, analysis and risk management.

Disaster Response:

This component relates to activities and actions taken after the disaster. The PRCS disaster management policy underlines its auxiliary role to the State and the Society’s focus to complement the national efforts in effective implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2005-15) including National Disaster Risk Management Framework Pakistan (2006). And provision of timely, effective and efficient relief and sustainable recovery. Furthermore, it seeks to provide a better understanding of disaster risks and outlines integration of disaster risk management within society’s practices across different levels i.e. local, provincial, national and international.

Disaster Management Strategies:

PRCS will give priority to the following DM strategies.

Disaster Management Institutional, Policy and Strategic Framework

PRCS will adopt a systematic approach to establish institutional structures, develop policy and programming framework and as a demonstration of institutional commitment to disaster management and shall ensure continued support at both governance and management levels.

Disaster Risk Assessment, Analysis and Information Management:

PRCS has outlines scientific risk assessment and analysis at various levels as key programming priority and shall focus on application of available methodologies and tools around hazards, vulnerability and capacity assessments to develop critical mass of information for disaster risks in Pakistan.

Education, Awareness and Capacity Building:

The Society shall develop a comprehensive communication strategy to raise public awareness regarding disasters in Pakistan and their preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery; this will be done through trainings, seminars and publications.

Disaster Preparedness:

Disaster preparedness is and shall remain the corner-stone of disaster management of PRCS both at institutional and at community levels. The Society considers it as a strategic priority and shall reflect it in its future programming which shall enable it to predict, prepare and take timely actions for mitigating the impact of disasters on communities. 

Seven Fundamental Principles