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Mobile Health Units (MHUs)

The Pakistan Red Crescent Sindh Branch, seeks to provide accessible, affordable and quality health care to the population in rural & inaccessible areas, especially the vulnerable sections. Given the status of public health infrastructure in our State, it is not possible to provide the desired services till the infrastructure is sufficiently upgraded. Factors negatively influencing in delivery of health services through existing public health institutions are as follows:


  • Distance of remote villages from public health institution
  • Geographical barriers to reach out to such pockets
  • Lack of inadequacy in public transportation network
  • Lack of health awareness &health consciousness among people, hinders in accessing health services on their own.
  • No exclusive medical team to reach out to these disadvantaged sections.
  • Mobile Health Unit (MHU) in our health delivery system is designed as an alternative model of rural health care delivery for a specified area with earmarked team of health professionals with supporting equipments & drugs. It is envisaged to provide preventive, promotive & curative health services in the inaccessible areas which are un-served /underserved under usual circumstances.

Provision of a mobile health unit with ambulance has been planned for flood affected areas. PRCS, Sindh Branch is providing basic health care services through field and mobile health structure to the remote and hard to reach areas of Sindh Province.

Currently 13 MHUs are working in 7 district of Sindh.

1.       Mirpurkhas 2 with support of NRC

2.       Dadu 1 with  support of DRC

3.       Jacobabad 1 with support of IFRC/NRC/CRC

4.       Thatta  2 with support of GRC

5.       Badin 2 with support of GRC

6.       Larkana 1 with support of IFRC

7.       Sanghar 4 with support of NRC

In flood 2011, PRCS, Sindh branch has attended 105947 patients. Out of which 31547 female,26833 male and 47489 are children.


For further information, contact with:

Mr. Dr. Ali Warsi

Health Manager PHQ Karachi

Cell: 0333-2347884


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