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CBH & FA (Community Based Health & First Aid)

CBH&FA is a crucial segment of Health & First aid, this approach integrates the component of health, first aid, volunteerism & disaster management (including preparedness & response) at community level. It can be used in a flexible way, according to different geographical areas, problem & community needs. It helps communities to participate in identifying their own capacity & problems & solve it them, and it is anticipated that the impact of CBH&FA programmes can reduce mortality in communities.

CBH&FA is a development program with on-going activities to keep Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteers and communities engage for long term. In many communities where health care systems are weak & communities are isolated, CBH&FA has gotten essential value & only way of providing health, education, first aid and basic treatment for the most common injuries & health priorities. It can also used to encourage the recruitment of voluntary blood donors at the community level.

CBH&FA has aspect of first aid for common accidents in community. It is not intended that CBH&FA programmes should compete with traditional first aid training which not only generate income but it also provides first aid knowledge & skills to personnel such as policemen, teachers, and employees in different workplace.

CBH&FA goals

Goal 1: Reduce the number of deaths, injuries and impact from disasters.

Goal 2: Reduce the number of deaths, illnesses and impact from diseases and public health emergencies.

Goal 3: Increase local community, civil society and Red Cross Red Crescent capacity to address the most urgent situations of vulnerability.

Goal 4: Promote respect for diversity and human dignity, and reduce intolerance, discrimination and social exclusion.

CBH&FA priorities

  • Improving our local, regional and international capacity to respond to disasters and public health emergencies.
  • Scaling up our actions with vulnerable communities in health promotion, disease prevention and disaster risk reduction.
  • Increasing significantly our HIV/AIDS programming and advocacy.

CBH&FA in PRCS, Sindh Branch

  • Based Health & First Aid training to community
  • Supporting Disaster Management and Health activities during any disaster
  • Skill development of community
  • Disaster awareness training
  • Coping disaster technique training

For further information, contact with:
CBH & FA Coordinator

Seven Fundamental Principles