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No organization can function smoothly and effectively unless it has a proper disciplined in-built system in its organizational development process. In order to achieve the constitutional objectives, the basis of strong organizational development system is the priority one.

There are two major components in the OD system i.e. the Governance and Management. The role of governance is like think tank of the society to lay down the policy or directions and guidance for smooth implementation of the objectives and facilitate the working of concerned staff. They also need to generate funds and fetch support for the effective and efficient working of the society. The governance is the guardian of the constitution and a supervisory body on the staff and volunteers. The Management runs under the secretariat and the office bearers, staff volunteers play vital role in the process to form a devoted team at each level.

PRCS has launched efforts to strengthen its legal base, improve the quality of planning and implementation, effectively and efficiently manage, develop and mobilize the financial and human resources to deliver services to the vulnerable. In recent years, the PRCS has made impressive progress in developing its organizational capacity. It is a well-respected infrastructure in the country. It enjoys support and is a valuable partner of the Government and other pertinent agencies operating in Pakistan.

The leadership of PRCS is committed to better delivery of services to the vulnerable in consonance with its mandate given in the PRCS Act, Constitution, Strategy 2020, Strategy of the Movement and other internationally signed charters.

The unified constitution of the Society is the most important priority of the day. The sincere efforts have been made by all the branches and NHQ in this regard however the completion and implementation is awaited. The creation of OD department in the Society is another important requirement of the system.

In order to meet the future challenges Society has to be foresighted and well planned. The International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has developed characteristics of “well functioning society” which guide us to adopt standardized OD system. The strategy 2020 of IFRC is also a very useful document for the governance and the management of any national society.

The extension of district branch network is also very important gateway to reach the most vulnerable communities. The present management has extended its network and new district branches of the Red Crescent were established in this regards.

PRCS standardized the financial procedures and systems at National & Provincial levels. The objectives behind this effort were to improve the financial management at National and Provincial levels and to comply with relevant national & international statutory obligations. Computer hardware was provided to Provincial and District Branches. Improvement in Financial Management System of PRCS is being reflected through transparent financial statements, financial reporting, proper budgeting and effective inventory management system of the PRCS.

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