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The Society use to spend their energy in physical asset management of the Society where as the HR Development has now emerged as one of the most important factor in OD system all over the world. The current management has realized this gape and provides opportunities to the staff and volunteers to develop their capacities in the required subjects.

The volunteer development and their susceptibility has always been a challenging factor in PRCS history. The Society is a volunteer based organization therefore it is extremely important to extend the data base of our volunteers’ network in Sindh. This would go a long way in strengthening the foundation of the Society.

Human resource development has begun in the form of regular workshops and participation of staff and volunteers in country, regional and international training events. Further efforts, however, are needed to develop effective management, development and mobilization strategies, to increase skills and professionalism of Red Crescent staff and volunteers and to increase gender equality and awareness at all levels of the Society’s activities.

Seven Fundamental Principles