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Welcome to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Sindh Provincial branch’s volunteers section. Volunteers have been the backbone of RCRC Movement since its birth in 1863.

The Youth remain an integral component of the PRCS, Sindh provincial branch volunteer force keen in unleashing their full potential. Youth & Volunteers department has been engaged in empowerment both in humanitarian and non-humanitarian issues.

The overall goal of PRCS, Sindh Volunteers program is to Develop and sustain a well organized volunteer corps, representing all segments of society to support PRCS in all its programs/activities.

Young & Volunteer department makes significant contributions to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities and globally. Within the PRCS Sindh branch, the youth comprises of Junior Youth of age between 6 to 15 year and youth age between 15 to 29 years, this category constitutes the youth Red Crescent Clubs at university, colleges and community level. Both known as Junior /youth Red Crescent (J/Youth Red Crescent).

Currently, PRCS, Sindh branch has inducted 5500 volunteers. As per the policy of PRCS youth and volunteers, the strategies and code of conduct for all tiers of voluntary organization, its members, junior and youth clubs. The volunteers are categorized as:

General Volunteers: These volunteers can be subdivided in relation to their field activities:

  • Disaster Management Volunteers
  • First aid Volunteers
  • Blood DONOR Volunteers
  • CBH&FA/Psycho-social/Livelihood/WATSAN Volunteers.

Professional Volunteers: Theses volunteers bases upon the provision of professional services such as

  • Doctors
  • Paramedics
  • Engineers
  • Logisticians
  • Media Personnel

What Youth & Volunteers department of PRCS, Sindh branch provides:

PRCS, Sindh provincial branch’s youth & volunteers are optimally trained & committed persons. PRCS, Sindh provincial branch’s Youth & volunteers department is renowned for provision of talented volunteers that can provide services in any circumstances, for instance

·     Demonstration of solidarity in the situation of human suffering at local, national & international levels.

  • Inner change and the development of skills to promote harmony and positive attitudes within communities.
  • Live with seven Fundamental Principles as agents of behavioural change in our communities.
  • Renounce violence, promote non-discrimination and respect for diversity, and a culture of peace in the world.
  • Live up to the roots of  international humanitarian law, by acting and standing up to reduce suffering in armed conflict, and actively disseminating information about the rules of armed conflict, even in times of peace
  • They can involve themselves in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, including innovative solutions such as psychosocial support;
  • Capacity building of masses for “Safe food for safe life”, by advocating on food security; and advocate for access to clean and safe water, and contribute to sustainable solutions.
  • To improve the capacities and efficiencies of J/YRC members by providing through & elaborative training on disaster Management, safe blood program, first aid & CBH&FA, health & awareness on communicable diseases are on the credit of PRCS, Sindh provincial branch.

Offering Orientation and Training of Volunteers

  • Humanitarian Values and Program Introduction
  • Community Based First Aid
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness
  • Tracing and RFL
  • Health & Care
  • Volunteer management, leadership and communication Skills etc.
  • National and International Trainings / youth exchange program including camping

If you wish to become our volunteer, please download Volunteers Registration Form  or contact the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Sindh Provincial branch, Hilal-e-Ahmer House, Clifton, Karachi.


For further information, contact with:

Mr. Atif Hussain
Youth & Volunteer Officer,
Cell: 0300-2149834
Email: OR

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