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Training & skill development is one of the functions of  Human Resource Management concerned with organizational activity aimed to improve performance of individuals and groups in  organizational settings. The real added value of this system is a greater contribution to the Nation’s building process. Pakistan Red Crescent Society being auxiliary to the Government authorities is mandated to train the citizens within its domain.
The Thakur Rashid Gohar Training Institute of Sindh Branch was established in 1985 at the Provincial Headquarters of Red Crescent, Karachi. During the span of 29 years, it has rendered remarkable services and trained almost 1,50000 people of Pakistan in various subjects mostly First Aid and emergency related subjects  in Disaster Management  and public Health.
The frequency of incidents (domestic or otherwise) has been increased due to frequent use of electrical appliances, road accidents, fire incidents and bomb blast etc. This has also coupled with the increased level of natural disasters, like Flood, Cyclone and Earthquake etc. These phenomena compelled all of us to get proper training andmore skillful techniques to deal with such emergencies. It has been said “better to meet danger than wait for it”. Therefore, in order to be well prepared, we have to learn not only individually but also as an organization. This institute is providing high level of trainings to various Institutions like Industrial undertakings, air port staff, banks, educational Institutions, multinationals, Government Departments, airlines and NGOs for their better preparedness & response.
The Red Crescent training institute offers a significant range of trainings in various subjects which would help you and your organization to play more efficient and effective role in time of need. The faculty of our trainers are well experienced, highly professionals and impart trainings not only at national but also international levels. Our Trainers are also available to conduct the courses at the site of requesting organization if the training facilities are available. The curriculum of the courses are authenticated as per guidelines issued International Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.


First Aid training for Juniors

First Aid training for all Groups

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Dr. Rizwana Wasif
Training Coordinator,


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